Ralex Company

Meat industry products

Ralex is a leading meat industry supplier at the Far East of Russia. For more than 25 years we provide our clients natural and artificial sausage casings, ingredients, spicery, soybean isolate and texturate, spare parts, materials and many other products covers almost all customer needs in meat processing.

We use our own warehouse complex in Vladivostok to provide the best service to our customers.

Dairy products

Our dairy department provide our customers dry milk, butter, curd and other products for dairy industry from Belarus and Russian manufacturers.

Additional Services

We also provide to our clients printing and shirring services for artificial sausage casings.


Company name: Ralex Co. LTD
Address: 2D k.1, Geroev Varyaga st., Vladivostok, Russia, 690089
Phone/fax: +7 423 230 0404, +7 423 233 9999
Email: ralex@ralex.ru
WWW: https://ralex.ru
Legal info: https://ralex.ru/company/licenses/

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